Luxurious Well-being Gift Set


Celebrate every occasion with our thoughtful and alluring luxurious well-being gift set. This well-curated gift set is filled with goodness of Ayurveda & Aromatherapy and care of Mother Nature. An ideal skin & soul well-being gift set that expresses your joy and care.


Product Inclusions: 

Avocado & Castor Overnight Footcare Oil (12 ml)  Our Avocado & Castor Overnight foot care oil is a restorative ayurvedic oil blend of castor, avocado, sesame, and hemp seed oil along with Kashmiri lavender and patchouli essential oil. This nourishing blend is ideal for your thirsting feet which are often overlooked. Feel the instant hydration and rejuvenation as you massage your feet with this blend. Regular usage also fosters healing of dull, cracked and damaged heels. Embrace happy feet with our foot well-being oil.

Sleep Well Kashmiri Lavender Essential Oil (12 ml) Lavender essential oil is well-known for its fragrance and therapeutic benefits, making it a quintessential oil for aromatherapy. Our Sleep Well Kashmiri Lavender essential oil is extracted from Lavender plants grown in Kashmiri valley and extracted only through the steam distillation process. The resulting oil is of the finest quality, fosters relaxation and a good night's sleep. Its calming benefits are also believed to treat anxiety and insomnia.


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