Well-being Poshte!

“Poshte means wishing abundance. It’s something we regardfully say in the Kashmiri language when we wish for something in abundance for those near and dear to us.”

-Jubilee and Sarah, Co-founders

We are a small Kashmiri family with humble beginnings and content lives.

After years of using ineffective lab-manufactured products and experiencing continuing skin concerns, we knew it was time to bring back the forgotten remedies to healthy skin and mind, which our mother had introduced to us in our childhood. We know Mother Nature is the very epitome of abundance, and she holds all the remedies to our wellness, yet we were continuing to seek them elsewhere. These remedies were not only safe and effective but also brought a sense of nourishment and fulfilment.

Hence, we hoped to bring back natural, pure, and effective solutions for the well-being of the skin & soul. We manifested Poshte.

Once the seed of Poshte sprouted, we nourished it with dedication and commitment so that it could grow and benefit not only us but our customers and the community as a whole. It is with the utmost sincerity we can humbly say that Poshte has well and truly bloomed to bring you pure, authentic, and effective products.

Made with love and packaged with care, our products are everything that Mother Nature intended for your well-being.

Our Promise

We promise you the luxury of purity.

We are committed to your well-being and are constantly seeking ayurvedic and aromatherapy solutions for your skin & soul. We take pride in our uncompromisingly pure and natural sourcing of ingredients and products from all over India. All our products are a perfect amalgamation of natural ingredients and precious ancient knowledge with proven efficacy.

Poshte is not just about natural products – it is also a world of experiences that help you reconnect with nature, replenish your spirit, and bring out the best in you. When you are connected with nature, your spirit feels replenished, and you are renewed. We constantly strive to bring you products that bring out the best in you and confidently spark the connections that truly matter.

Social and Environmental

GrowTrees Ecosystem Foundation

At Poshte, we truly care, not just for our customers but also society and the environment as a whole.

We know that nature has the power to heal, but only if we treat it with gratitude and respect. To that effect, we consciously use glass and recyclable paper for all our products. This helps minimize plastic usage and promotes sustainability.

As part of our green initiative - Pledge To Plant, we work closely with Grow-Trees foundation and support notable causes such as engaging in reforestation processes, creating low-skilled jobs, and reducing carbon emissions.

Little steps like these help us stay socially and environmentally responsible as a brand. We promise to continue on this path and nurture Mother Earth’s well-being every day.

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