All-In-One Kansa Wand

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Poshte’s authentic Kansa Wand is a traditional Ayurvedic tool made of high-quality Kansa metal, a blend of Copper, Tin, and Zinc primarily. Known for its healing properties, it is used in facial and body massage to promote overall skin & soul well-being. 

The Kansa Wand, with its unique metal blend, offers numerous benefits, including enhanced circulation, reduced puffiness, improved skin elasticity, and a calming effect. It also promotes flow of oxygen to the skin hence giving a radiant and healthy skin. It aids in balancing the doshas and skin’s pH, promoting holistic wellness.

Kansa Metal and Teak Wood

Apply Poshte’s face, body or foot care oil and gently glide the wand on the face or body to promote relaxation, better absorption of product, and holistic well-being. Regular use is known to enhance skin elasticity and relieve tension.

To maintain hygiene, clean the wand before and after each use with a mild soap. Caution is advised to avoid sensitive areas and excessive pressure for a gentle, soothing massage.

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